Artist turned quilter, Danny Amazonas has been creating a sensation at international quilting and art exhibitions around the world. And if you visit the Adelaide fair you can meet Danny, see an exhibition of his work and, if you’re quick, join his workshop!

About Danny Amazonas

I was born in Taiwan and always loved art in all forms. As a jack of all trades, I tried painting, sculpture, and making gold jewellery, even got into international cuisine!


“I was a professional floral designer in New York City in the 70s. Of all the things I tried,
sewing wasn’t one of them.

In the early 80s, I was working with mosaic art using various materials. Later, in the 90s, I retired from business and returned to my birth place to take care of my aging father.

I then discovered the world of colourful fabrics and the art of quilting. I perceived quilting as the art of sewing pieces of fabric together to create a beautiful design. As such, in my own concoction of fibre art while not knowing the basic requirements of quilting, I developed my own ‘quilting techniques’ for recreational purposes.

My work eventually evolved from mosaic patterns into free-form. In 2012, using a new technique unprecedented in the field of fibre art, ‘Freehand Patchwork’ was born.

Freehand Patchwork is an unorthodox technique that is like painting with colourful fabric. The beauty of the original textile designs are fully expressed while freely interpreting the image of the textile art. This is something extraordinary that could not be achieved in painting. Using just rotary cutter and layers of overlapping fused fabric and having raw edges is something traditional quilters rarely do.

Every piece of artwork is machine sewn with invisible thread with free motion stitches.”

Workshop is SOLD OUT! You can still meet Danny, see his textile art and watch him work on Thursday and Friday! Buy Fair entry tickets here.

Gallery talks on Thursday and Friday at 11.30am and 2.30pm, open to all visitors, no bookings required. Buy Fair entry tickets here.