The Experimentalist’s group formed after approximately 20 Canberra-based quiltmakers attended an exhilarating four-day Masterclass with legendary international quilter Nancy Crow in 1997. Nancy was deliberate in helping her students to discard conventions and fly from their comfort zones into an exploratory new world. Their experience at this Masterclass and Nancy’s no-nonsense wisdom, pressing students to always advance their art, sparked a desire to keep experimenting and their ongoing commitment to advance their art through experimentation has stood the test of time with wonderful results.

The group continued to meet four times a year since first coming together – and say they find this is integral in maintaining enthusiasm and to provide a supportive base amongst like-minded people.

This year the Experimentalists are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Nancy Crow workshop and decided to make A4 size pieces. There is no theme but each piece reflects each members’ personality and way of working.