An exhibition by the Four by Four group of textile artists from Adelaide, exploring designing in collage prior to stitching

Two years on from their inaugural exhibition in 2016, Collage to Stitch, the group FOUR BY FOUR is still together and continues to explore the collage to stitch process, this time with a ‘twist’ to add variety and maintain interest. Instead of making a single collage per day artists Maxine Fry, Ruth Galpin, Suzanne Gummow and Sandra Obst have chosen to make 30 post card collages per theme. The artists continue to meet once per month to discuss, show, affirm and critique the work as it progresses. For this second exhibition, all four members have worked with the same agreed upon themes of Seeing Red, Grids, Molten Gold and Structures.


The artists are still cutting, tearing, layering and pasting a range of papers from collections of found or prepared papers and magazine pages. At the same time they have again committed to creating one A4 sized textile piece as a means of exploring possible directions that could be taken from paper to fabric, then to be executed into an artwork in the uniform size of 115cms high by 65cms wide. Although larger than last time they are still not overpowering and are a ‘do-able’ size, a point that many visitors made at the first exhibition. As the artworks cover set themes, they will be hung together by those themes. This will enable viewers to better follow the process from collaged paper cards and A4 pieces to the final artwork of each artist.

The exhibition Collage to Stitch #2 is the culmination of two years’ exploration of collage as a tool for developing ideas. The themes chosen are somewhat abstract topics, and as such they have provided new and very different challenges for each artist. By showing the four together within the same theme, visitors will find a memorable experience.

During the first Collage to Stitch exhibitions all four artists enjoyed the opportunity to talk about our work and were impressed by the interest shown particularly in the process. The feedback was exciting and encouraging, with many remarking that they felt that this was something they might try, that was achievable for them. The idea of using collage in paper as a designing tool was enthusiastically received. It was exciting to talk with teachers who were intrigued and fascinated by the process, one that they felt could be used in their teaching.


We are delighted to present our new exhibition, Collage to Stitch #2.
Compiled by Ruth Galpin.

About the artists


Maxine Fry

Maxine Fry’s love of nature is reflected in her work. She is an enthusiastic textile artist having come from a traditional quilting background. She loves to travel and takes many photos to inspire her latest pieces. Her work has developed from her collection of collage postcards and has extended into more detailed pieces of textile art. Maxine uses the sewing machine extensively in the creation of her work.


Ruth Galpin

Ruth Galpin has a love of the elements of colour, line and pattern and enjoys using repetition and contrast, along with simple printing techniques, in particular mono printing. She creates art quilts with hand dyed and printed fabric and collages with an assortment of hand made and commercial papers.


Suzanne Gummow

Suzanne Gummow is a passionate Textile Artist and Visual Arts Educator. Her own art practice is inspired by her travels, exotic gardens, all things Asian and soaking up the experiences of many cultures. Suzanne creates textile works that involve hand and machine embroidery, embellishment, collage, layering and with the gleam of metallics. She exhibits locally, nationally and internationally.


Sandra Obst

The materials that Sandra Obst uses include fabris and papers, some old and previously used, and other textile ephemera. Colour and texture enhanced by hand and machine stitch are key design elements. For Sandra the exploration and use of techniques and fibres are not only an aim in themselves but also a way to create a story with them being the vocabulary.