The Point of Stitch

See four incredible installations – Postcard Sized, Organza Works, The Bottomless Cup and WOW that’s Art displayed by the Embroiderers Guild of NSW. The secondary themes flowing through all work will be the point of recycling and colour in stitch.

The installations will demonstrate some of the many stitching methods and include wearable art, recycled paper coffee cups, small postcard samples of mended clothes and recycled organza.

Guild members will show you how they applied their magic; using repurposed and recycled items where possible.

guild-2This year, the Embroiderers Guild of NSW are returning with a very important underlining message drawing attention to environmental issues. The Guild is a not-for-profit membership body for anyone and everyone who loves to stitch or would love to learn.


Demonstration Timetable

Wednesday June 20
10.30am Barbara Allum:
Counted Thread Embroidery
2pm Susan Barker: Needlelace
Thursday June 21
10.30am Dianne Magro:
Surface Stitchery
12noon Mary Brown:
Gold work embroidery with real gold!
2pm Anne-Marie Bakewell:
Surface stitchery
Friday June 22
10.30am Sharyn Hutchens:
Metal Thread Embroidery
2pm Val Tomlin: Surface Stitchery
Saturday June 23
10.30am Doris Gordon: Dorset Buttons
2pm Carolyn Pearce:
Wool Embroidery
Sunday June 24
10.30am Margaret Gollan:
Shisha Embroidery
2pm Judith Langdon: Bayeux Stitch