My Corner of the World invited the
artist to examine a world, real or
imagined, that represented what is
important in life.

It might be where the artist resides, works, or grew up. It might be a favorite place from any point in life or a special internal place. My Corner of the World looks at
the big picture including, but not limited to a homeland, ancestry or culture. My Corner of the World is a Studio Art Quilt Associates exhibition currently on tour around the world.


Clockwise from top left: Summer Idyll, Waterlily Bay by Millie Cumming, Canada; SPP12 by Karen Schulz, USA; Blue Chair in Library with a Candlestick by Laura Wasilowski, USA; West Toward Home – Bright Spirit by Ellie R Krenek, USA; Evening in Steel Valley by Martha Ressler,USA; Timeless Beauty by Lynette Anderson, USA