Enjoy a thought-provoking textile art display created by SAlt – a group five talented textile artists from South Australia. Originally a typewriter key symbol for ‘number’, the hashtag is now widely used as a means of connecting targeted audiences on social media platforms.

The #fabrictrail display is the third challenge by the group and each large work is one metre square plus there is a smaller square response to each others work.

Enjoy seeing how the group interpreted the theme in textiles at the fair.

Work by Francie Mewett, Judi Bushby, Julie Haddrick, Sarah Bell Smith and Wendy Thiele



About the Artists

artist-1Judi Bushby
Cloth, old and new, pattern, line, textureand colour: all are words that inspire and guide Judi’s arts practice. Travel, Japan and Indigo: these too are words that inspire and guide her work. Exploring and discovering new possibilities and techniques whilst grounded in fibre-based traditions, enables Judi to seek new opportunities to increase her knowledge of these same traditions. Maintaining a reverence for the cloth, the ability to create new from old or adapt and alter new cloth by a diverse array of techniques, including but not limited to dyeing and hand stitch is what keeps Judi excited and playful. This is the magic and mystique.

artist-2Wendy Thiele
It took many years of playing with fabric for Wendy to find her mojo in art quilting; cloth has become a canvas Wendy can create art with. Visual arts trained, Wendy creates with passion and energy generated by the simple act of creating – capturing colour and form; conveying self.

Wendy’s quilting embraces simplicity of form and of ‘quilt building’ whilst challenging herself to move beyond her comfort zone and what is ‘on trend’. From a basic concept she enjoys resolving challenges of design, colour, form and construction as the quilt emerges. Vintage Kimono fabrics and complex curves are a feature of her machine pieced work.

artist-3Sarah Bell Smith
Sarah Bell Smith’s Art is inspired by her life; identity, relationships, personal experiences and her love of nature. Her work is colour filled, bold and graphic, drawing on the discipline of Sarah’s Visual Art training. She takes an artistic approach with the use of bold colours and carefully chosen symbols, text or images. Sarah extensively researches with each piece, photographing, documenting ideas, drawing, creating colour swatches and stitching samples. Sarah Bell Smith’s evolving art practice sustains her and it is her life.

artist-4Francie Mewett
The inspiration for Francie Mewett’s art is her passion for the colours and textures found on her travels. Using her own photographs as a design source Francie intuitively transforms the base fabric with layering and stitch, thus, the mood is set. Francie is well known for her painstaking detail in her hand stitching. The process of creating a textile work is a peaceful, reflecting and rewarding time for Francie.

artist-5Julie Haddrick
Julie Haddrick’s art tells stories, expresses her feelings and it is the driving force in her life. Art comes from a deeper place inside her and central to this is expression that is grounded in naturalism. With a love of fabric and stitch, Julie’s arts practice is underpinned by the Fine Arts; of drawing painting and printmaking and the disciplines of design and the crafts of textiles have shaped the ways she uses stitch, threads, colour and cloth.

They are disciplined, at times sparse, refined and without elaboration. Julie embraces the Japanese aesthetic of ‘Wabi Sabi’, that values transience, imperfection and the impermanent and various elements of Japanese traditional culture influences her expression. She hand dyes, prints and paints fabrics, often combining/ layering them with vintage cloth or recycled Japanese kimono.