Textile Artist Dijanne Cevaal

Textile artist Dijanne Cevaal has conducted two international projects in recent years, The Sentinelles and The Medieval Project; she designed and printed hand dyed lino-cut prints which textile artists embellished with stitch. Both were so well received and resulted in exciting visual exhibitions that she has embarked on a new theme: The Aussie Bush Project.


The latest project will be displayed at the fair. Panels feature four different Australian bush themes which have been embellished and embroidered by stitchers around the country. The themes are Gumnuts and Gum Leaves; Banksia Cones and Flowers; Unfurling Fern Frond and Blackwoods Dancing.

Meet Dijanne at the fair and enjoy her demonstrations of lino cutting and printing.


Above left: Gumnuts by Sally Ann Westcott; Top: Dijanne has linocut printed all the panels in the project then stitchers from around the country have embellished them; Above: Blackwoods by Sally Ann Westcott.