Remember those school sewing class projects? Then those amazing creations you made when you learned to sew? The formal dress, the first baby dress, and the embroidered table cloth that seemed to take an eternity to make? Or did you create a wedding dress that took all year to embroider?

These unique textile creations occupy a special place in our heart, and this display will focus on projects made by the members of the ACT Textile Arts Association.

Members of ACTTAA – ACT Textile Arts Association each have their own ‘textile journey’.

Susan Chapman, President of the group explains, ‘We are a diverse group engaging in a variety of textile related activities. Our ‘journeys’ therefore depict a diversity of styles and techniques, often covering many years, in some cases from childhood to the present. Items will be displayed in time sequence for each member with labels stating techniques used and when the piece was completed. No doubt it will trigger many memories of your own projects made through the years.

Presented by ACT Textile Arts Association