Presented by Four X Four, this exhibition will be on display at the fair.

Collage to Stitch is the work of four South Australian textile artists and is the culmination of one year’s exploration of collage as a tool for developing ideas. The themes chosen and the approaches taken reflect personal passions and generally revolve around nature. Flowers, trees and gardens were frequent topics for reflection by artists Maxine Fry, Ruth Galpin, Suzanne Gummow and Sandra Obst.

See the collages along with the resulting textile artworks on display at the Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair and meet artist
Sandra Obst.

Meet the artist: Sandra Orbst

The materials that Sandra Obst uses include fabrics and papers, some old and previously used, and other textile ephemera. Colour and texture enhanced by hand and machine stitch are key design elements.

For Sandra the exploration and use of techniques and fibres are not only an aim in themselves but also a way to create a story with them being the vocabulary.

Colours of Summer: Hand dyed and painted papers, hand made organza three dimensional flowers, machine and hand stitch, beading

Details: Collage to Stitch exhibition presented by Four X Four.
On display at the Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair