Creative Planting with Patricia from The Soul Pantry

9.30am to 11am – Terrarium Workshop

Meet Patricia and the team from The Soul Pantry who will teach you how to create exciting tiny little worlds with ferns, rocks, and moss encapsulated inside a glass Terrarium.

What is the Terrarium principle? They are miniature worlds – rain falls, then evaporates into the air, gathers in the clouds and falls again – a beautiful cycle of nature. You will get to make one Terrarium to take home as well as the knowledge to make more stunning Terrariums in the future.

Workshop Includes: Medium glass vessel, plants, soil, stones, peat moss, sphagnum moss, charcoal, bark and use of tools to build your own Terrarium.

Skill Level: All Levels. This is an introduction to81-3 Terrariums.
Class Cost: $90
Students Bring:
Just yourself and a tiny treasure to
add to your design.


PLEASE NOTE: Workshop is available for visitors to the fair. Class fee does not include the fair entry ticket which must be purchased separately.


Meet Patricia Foley

TSP_Patricia Foley.1 TUTOR PHOTO


Patricia’s lifelong delight is in the beauty of flora and fauna which commenced in her native country of Brazil, started out in agricultural science and botany, and later, fused with her passion for art and photography.  She opened That Flower Shop in 2013 followed by The Soul Pantry in 2015, where her love of teaching workshops arose into a flourishing, creative business which includes a workshop area, flower shop, and The Soul Pantry Kitchen Café within an urban oasis.