Take home a souvenir for yourself or buy a gift for a craft-loving friend!

giftshop-1Limited Stock! Vintage mugs (various designs) $5 each


travel cup


White &
grey tote

giftshop-4Drawstring bag $5

giftshop-5Car flip-top bin $5 each
(limited stock)

giftshop-6Circular pill box

giftshop-7Tool pens (limited stock)
$3 each or all 4 for $10

Slimline Magnifying Reading Glasses

giftshop-8Keep a pair in
your handbag
and you’ll
never be
without your
specs! +1.5,
+2.0, +2.5
+3.0 in black,
pink or purple
carry case

giftshop-9Extra slim
for your wallet
or phone case
in +1.5, +2.0,
and +2.5

giftshop-10Novelty USB – stores 4GB
only $16